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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  February 2, 2017 3:00pm-3:31pm PST

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it's february 2nd. time for new viral videos right this minute. >> i'm going for an interview. >> a heart breaking moment as his son realizes. >> my mom, my mom doesn't know who i am. >> why he's sharing video of her battle with dementia in the hopes of helping others. [ inaudible ] >> no, i'm not. >> a jewelry clerk is helping a customer. this calm, well-dressed man. >> why looks can be deceiving and dangerous. ♪ >> a flash flood cuts a city in half. >> because people couldn't get around. >> how cameras caught the moment all the trouble started. ♪ >> plus, bonus give away day means your shot to win a new ipad mini or an amazon echo.
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we bring you the best from the web, including a family affair with yoga. >> and now meet the mom who is keeping kids fit with all their favorite poses. >> yes. that's your gangsta pose. >> i'm on the way to get my mother and i think we'll go to the mall today. >> that's joe and in his youtube channel, he shares a variety of experiences. right now, he is focusing on his mom who was diagnosed with dementia six years ago but recently it has gotten worse. molly is 66 years old and she's about to spend the day with her son. they are going to go to the mall. >> we can there and eat and check out the stores. >> the other night they had a conversation. >> you asked who my dad was. >> i guess i never knew. >> this is where things change
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for him. >> you weren't sure who your dad was. do you know who my mom is? >> no, no, i guess, i don't know. who is she? >> my mom? you don't know who my mom is. >> i have to think about it. >> and this is the moment where everything changed for him because he realizes my mom, my mom doesn't know who i am. >> i'm your kid. >> when were you born? >> she is very aware of her situation and she knows that her memory isn't working with her anymore, so she's actually quite patient as well. [ inaudible ] >> the dementia? >> yeah. >> but eventually even though he says he's trying to be strong and he's trying to be understanding of the situation, he does have a moment where he can't help but break down. >> are you crying? >> no. why would i cry?
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>> you look sad. >> and he denies it and he says it's because he doesn't want to make her feel bad. >> that's what's so devastating for dementia as well, friends and family, the person that they know is no longer there. >> i love you so much. >> i love you. >> so that's what so frustrating is the moments of clarity, when they are completely there and they are completely aware. >> and gone again. >> i don't even know if i know you. >> hmm. >> that's what i feel. >> eventually, he drops her back off, and then there's a moment where he's now alone in his car and he's finally able to just let go. >> hardest day of my life, when your mother doesn't know who you are. she knows my name, but doesn't know who i am. i feel like she just died.
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>> he will be documenting this entire journey and will be sharing it on his youtube channel and his intention is to raise awareness for dementia and hopefully raise funds for research to hopefully one day end this process. not a good day to be out and about and caught unawears in lima, peru, you can see this nearly dry riverbed got completely wet from mud and flooding. >> that's crazy. we went from zero to 60. well, we went from zero to a lot of mud. >> reportedly people were jumping from one side to the other to get to the other side because this incident caused huge traffic snarls because people couldn't get around. >> you can understand watching this video how people can be caught unawares by flash floods because that was like nothing and you could have been just been killed seconds later. >> look at the fascination by people as well running up to look at it, running up to see
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the head waters come crush -- rushing down the streets. there's the head waters, but what's still to come, you know? >> there's the dog right there in the middle. poor thing. not knowing which way to go. >> stay there for now, pups. [ sirens ] >> you can see the aftermath in this video. >> jeez. >> and that's one way to work this. you don't really want to traverse it but some people that's all they have. ♪ western australia police are asking people to share this video because kensington detectives are seeking assistance in identifying the two suspects in this video. one of them is escorting a
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44-year-old woman in her own home into the back of the house. these guys have smashed through a window at 9:00 at night. she was in the house alone, and you can see here, one of guys kind of had her by the neck and he's threatening her with the hammer right there as they just then decide to, i don't know, super market sweep or something, they go through her house, grabbing what they want. >> that's terrifying. guys like this will typically wait for the house to be empty. >> if they knew it was a woman in there, they probably thought they could overpower her. >> do they hurt her? >> no, there wasn't injuries. they are hoping that anybody in the local area can identify anything. the eyes of these people in hopes of preventing them from doing it again. >> we head to a jewelry store in milan and you are doing exactly what i was doing when i started watching the video. you are watching the door. the thing is the suspect, the danger is already inside the jewelry store and you'll see here, she stands up toward the back. suddenly this calm, well-dressed man, jumps up, grabs her by the
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neck, throws her to the floor and he starts cuffing her up. >> he pretended to be a customer and she trusted him and let her guard down as she went into the back. >> his accomplice was waiting outside. i have no reports of them being found yet. let's see if they get caught as well. [ sirens ] it's that time, time to give away another ipad mini and today is bonus day. we're also giving away an amazon echo. >> two winners today, you need thursday's buzz word, be 21 years old at least, and be a resident of united states or canada. my husband said do not open this package until paris is recording. paris is recording and i'm opening the package. >> i sent my wife a package the
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this guy rolling the film works at skill con. in this montage you see people juggling more balls than i can actually count. people are defying logic and physics with this incredible hand-eye coordination. it's just wow after wow after wow, but what i want to do is show you the first 55 seconds, because it's epic. in this case, guys, just follow the pink baton. this guy just starts juggling and before you know it, just flies up into the air. this guy catches it, gives it a dab, over the shoulder and this guy is all over the place after a couple of throws under his leg, pass it to the next guy. this guy passes them over his back, bouncing them off his shoulder. the next guy catches it. look at his feet. straight up into his hands. he keeps going and starts to
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bounce it on his nose. as he's doing that, another guy walks by, the other guy bouncing it right there, he now starts getting in his juggling as well as he does another across the way transfer like this. he catches this guy. gives a bit of a smile, like he knows what's up, and then -- >> oh. trash can? no, no, no. >> yes, it did. it was a hot potato and it went right on in. ♪ ♪ >> a rather peculiar dashcam coming to us from the netherlands. you see this car has pulled over to the shoulder and you can hear has made a call to emergency services. >> snow lift. >> traffic speeding by in the lanes to the left and this guy starts to creep forward when you see this car appear in the center lanes. you notice how slow that car is going. >> the hazards aren't on, but they are hitting the brakes.
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>> no hazards or anything, but the car is just creeping along while traffic swerves around and tries not to hit that car. here's what's going on. here's the story behind this video. the man in the car with the dashcam noted the car in the center lanes driving dangerously slow and pulled over to call emergency services. >> right. >> and for the next nearly 8 minutes followed this car along. >> is he updating emergency services as to what's going on and where they are? >> yes. >> is that person having a medical problem? >> that person in the car is about to have a medical problem. >> oh! and that was a direct hit. >> that car finally pulls off to the shoulder which it should have done long ago. reports say that the driver in that vehicle told police that they were tired from a night of partying. that's it. that's the reason for driving so slow and putting all these other
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people in danger on the -- on the road. you know what else is dangerous? driving with a huge sense of ego. this guy in china recently came into money and brought him a brand-new, very capable suv and returned to his village to show off to the neighbors. look what all my horsepower can conquer. the wheels scratching for grip. when it finally catches grip, it slides back and then -- >> that hurt. >> that will buff right out. >> was the guy okay? >> no reports as to the injuries of this guy, but i got to believe a modern suv would have protected him. >> exempt his perfected -- except his pride. a little bruised. check out a mash-up recipe featuring some of your favorite girl scout cookies on the next "right this minute." still to come, it's a bizarre video came that's become
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a huge hit. >> if you are a player, you are known as a warrior of love. >> after watching this, you might want to join the panty party. >> i can't be commando. >> don't miss thursday's buzz word for your chance to win an ipad mini or an amazon echo.
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>> japan, by any chance? >> created in taiwan. >> okay. >> is this the modern version of a panty raid? >> in japan, panties are commonplace. people go out and steal panties. some people mugged just for their panties. [ speaking foreign language ] >> you got to collect them all, panty-mon. >> this is actually a panty party. that's the name of this game. if you are a player, you are known as a warrior of love. >> you get to pick different characters, can you go to the thong or granny panties. >> you can join teams wasted
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on -- based on the panty style that you want to play. >> i guess you can't be a commando. >> all you have to do is go into this urban setting and fight enemy panties because they have shown up to turn humans into undies. >> it's not cheap. you pay $8 for it. >> the incident is such a black hole of weirdness. you have to sit around and just go, humans, man. >> what. [ speaking foreign language ] ♪ >> it's time to give away another ipad mini and today is bonus day. we're giving away an ipad mini and an ak azon echo. >> you need to be 21 years old, a legal resident of united states or canada and enter the buzz word. >> let's reveal thursday's buzz
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word. it's voice. >> get on over to "right this minute." click on the win ipad button and enter the word. voice. that's voi-o-i-c-v-o-i-c-e. >> good luck, everybody and stay safe. >> she's the fit mama who is making yoga a family thing. >> oh, my god. that's too cute. >> see the precious way they are keeping it flexible. >> i definitely was not expecting them to take
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to be honest, this experiment added more questions but still that's why science is so interesting. we've said before that a couple that works out together stays together, but i think we're now incorporating that into an entire family. >> do a flip. ready? >> ready! >> whew! >> right there. ready? [ laughter ] >> this looks like mommy and me time. that looks like regular play time with the kids. >> this is charity grace leblanc. mom decided she needed some kind of routine. she took up yoga and eventually that became acro yoga. this is charity and her husband doing acro yoga. >> that's the airplane, right? i was just doing this over the
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weekend. >> whee! >> check this one out because here momma and daughter are wearing mermaid leggings. >> oh, my gosh, that's too cute. >> you said she did this to have a routine to get in shape. it's working. she's a super hot mom. love her hair and she has a very strong following on social media, we have charity via skype right this minute all the way from florida. welcome to the show, guys. >> she has to make her entrance. >> yes. [ laughter ] >> are you surprised as to how the kids really have embraced this yoga lifestyle? >> yeah, for sure. i definitely was not expecting them to take to it like they did, but it's been like a lot of fun and they definitely enjoy this. >> how did you start this with them? >> basically, i was working out to get back into shape and i always had them near me and watching them taking care of them and they watched me work
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out and start mimicking the movements. >> did you do this when you were pregnant and did that help you? >> yeah, i was doing head stands and hand stands all the way up to 36 weeks and my midwife told me it's probably not a good idea to do it anymore. i took a small break and after i had her, i went right back at it. >> what do you say to the moms who say that looks dangerous? >> everything we do is built on stepping stones. we start slow and i know where they are at as far as their strength. we work our way up and we do everything slow and with patience. >> oakley, do you have a favorite yoga pose? oh, okay. >> yes! >> there's your gangsta pose. >> yeah. ♪ >> that's our show
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tonight, president trump with certain words for iran. now saying nothing is off the table. just 24 hours after the white house said we are officially putting iran on notice. what does this mean? are new sanctions coming? and tonight, iran's response. also the phone call with an american ally that ended abru abruptly. what happened between president trump and the australian prime minister? friends or foes? the campus protest erupting into violence. outrage after a controversial speaker was invited, raced out by security. that speaker once saying, i believe hate crimes aren't really a thing. the denver officer shot execution style. the army vet and muslim on convert now under arrest. was he reported to homeland


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